Do you need a math class makeover? Dr. Nicki’s Math Class Makeover helps classroom teachers figure it all out! Literally! If you are just struggling with your math class set up, the organization of your math period, guided math lessons and leveled workstations, and want to be part of our new Face Book Mini Series: Math Class Makeover, we want to hear from you!

Dr. Nicki will select one applicant each season. She and her team will come and consult with you about your math class!

What you and your math class will get.

Dr. Nicki and her team will take two days and help you plan your math workshop. We’ll look at where you are and where you want to go and how we’ll get you there.

Expert math consultation from the nations top math classroom experts.

Ideas and techniques to bring to your classroom!

A collection of Dr. Nicki Newton's books.

Additional follow up math consultation to keep you on track.

Math Class Makeover Application

If you do get selected for  Dr. Nicki Newton’s Math Class Makeover you will need to secure the necessary permissions from the following.

  1. Principal
  2. School District
  3. Permissions to film students and teachers in your classroom

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